Bella Wants to Live Forever: Twilight, Chapter 24, Part 2

If someone loves you and you love them back, the least you can do is make them immortal. To do otherwise would be very selfish.

Bella’s mom Renee can’t stop talking about Jacksonville and the house that she’s going to live in and how it’s so cute and yellow and it has a porch like in the movies and an oak tree and it’s a few minutes from the beach.


Bella interrupts her mom (one of the best things she’s done in this book, which isn’t saying a lot) and tells her that she’s not moving to Florida. She wants to stay in Forks, Washington. She’s settled into school, and she has “a couple of girlfriends.”

I don’t know if we can call Jessica and whoever the other girl was “friends” of Bella’s, because it’s been several chapters since we’ve heard from them.  I don’t know the other girl’s name. Ashley? Maxine? Charlotte? I’m not even sure Bella knows this girl’s name.

Bella gives a few more fake reasons: school, Charlie. Renee suspects that there’s something going on between her daughter and this Edward fellow, sparks flying or something. Bella admits that Edward is part of the reason, but she doesn’t say how big a part he is.

Renee accuses Edward of being in love with Bella. She’s not wrong. Bella says she’s crazy about him while thinking to herself, “that sounded like something a teenager with her first boyfriend might say.”

If this self-awareness was more prevalent throughout this story, Twilight would be a great book. It would explain the terrible dialogue. For example, I think it would be hilarious if after Edward tells Bella “I like watching you when you sleep,” he thinks to himself, “that sounded like something a stalker or pervert might say.”

Renee says Edward is “incredibly good-looking.” I think Bella has some competition. I don’t think there are many women who are attracted to guys who have sparkling skin, but I could be wrong. If I am, please let me know, and I will put glitter in my body wash, hand lotion and laundry detergent.

Renee’s worried, though, because Bella’s so young. Bella says it’s just a crush, and Renee is too easily convinced.

The dance studio where Tracker James tried to kill Bella has burned to the ground, and the arsonist left a stolen car at the scene. Hmm…

Renee w going to stay in the room for the night, but Bella tells her mom to go away so that she and Edward can spend some time together. Not really, but that’s what she was thinking. And because pronouns are so confusing, what I was trying to say was that Bella was telling her mom to go away so that Bella and Edward can spend some time together. I didn’t want to have to write that, but I wanted to make sure that it didn’t sound like Renee and Edward were going to…never mind.

When Renee leaves, Bella asks Edward how his “nap” was. I should remind you that nap is in quotes because in the last chapter, Edward pretended to go to sleep when Renee came in. He says his nap was “interesting.”

Naps, by their very nature, are uninteresting things, unless they were faked and the so-called napper eavesdropped on a very interesting conversation.

The only way a nap can be interesting

What Edward found so interesting was that Bella was willing to stay in Washington instead of going to a Florida paradise. She thought Edward would hate Florida because there’s so many people and he would only be able to go out at night. But if Bella had decided to go with Renee, Edward would have stayed in Washington, or anywhere he could be as far away from her as possible.

This is probably what’s going in Bella’s mind right now

This causes Bella to have a panic attack. How could Edward think about leaving Bella all by herself in Florida with her mom? Is Edward tired of saving her all the time? I know I would be. But no, it’s just that Edward feels so bad, you know, since it’s all his fault that Bella’s in the hospital. On the bright side, it’s also his fault that Bella’s in the hospital and not dead.

He’s afraid he’ll accidentally kill her. Which is a reasonable fear, I guess, given that he’s a vampire and she’s a puny human. 

Bella wants to know why Edward sucked the venom out of her. She’s angry that he did this. If he had let the venom run its course, she would be a vampire just like him, right? And then everything would be great.

Edward won’t answer. Bella then changes the subject. 

“It just seems logical…a man and a woman have to be somewhat equal…as in, one of them can’t always be swooping in and saving the other one. They have to save each other equally.”

So this is Stephenie Meyer’s definition of gender equality. 


Bella says “I can’t always be Lois Lane. I want to be Superman, too.”

Bella, I don’t know if you know this, but you are and always Bella Swan. You were never Lois Lane. If you were, then you’d be in the wrong story. This is Twilight, not DC Comics.

And another thing: Bella, you are not a strong, independent woman. In fact, you’re just the opposite. You’re a weak, overly attached high school girl. You are a terrible role model for young girls everywhere, no different from the Disney princesses or that girl in the Twilight books.

If you want to be Superman, then you have to start acting like him. Man up. Dump Edward for Jacob Black. It’s the Superman thing to do. Also, fly through the city fighting a bad guy and kill millions of people and cause billions of dollars in damages without even blinking an eye. It’s the Superman thing to do.

I’m just saying there’s better superheroes to aspire to be than Superman. Take Iron Man, for example. An all-around classy dude who always puts others’ needs before his own.

Edward makes Bella feel better by lying and saying that she saved him, in a way.

Bella wants to become a vampire. Because some day, she’s going to get old and die, and that will make Edward very sad. She says she can handle the pain of the process.

But what about her parents? Wouldn’t they care if their daughter was a vampire? Bella has to think about her answer for a few minutes. Well, Renee “makes choices that work for her, and she would want me to do the same,” Bella says. Now I see where Bella’s selfishness comes from. As for Charlie, he’s used to living alone.

This will be Charlie’s life once Bella leaves him to care for himself.

“I can’t take care of them forever. I have my own life to live.”

Bella says this like she’s been taking care of her parents for years, as if they’re a couple of 150-year-olds who are incapable of taking care of themselves and she’s had to be their caretaker. How compassionate of her. 

Edward refuses to turn Bella, to “damn (her) to an eternity of night.” Good for him. An eternity of night sounds terrible.

Bella won’t be stopped, however. Edward’s not the only vampire that she knows. If he’s too scared to do it, she’ll just go to Alice. Edward gets mad. Alice, who can see into the future, has seen that one day, Bella will be a vampire. But Edward points out that Alice also saw that Bella would get killed by Tracker James, and that hasn’t happened. Yet.

Tired of arguing, Edward calls in a nurse, who gives Bella some sleepy-time drug. Argument over.

Unfortunately, the book’s not over.

There’s an epilogue.


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