Negotiating with Vampires: Twilight, Chapter 21

If you’re ever stuck in a hotel room and find yourself with nothing to do, just remember that being bored isn’t that bad. You could be hiding from someone who wants to hurt you and your family and your vampire boyfriend.

Like the last chapter, this chapter takes place in a hotel room. Unlike the last chapter, this one’s almost interesting.

It starts off with good news and bad news. There are three types of people. Those who want to hear the good news first, those who want to hear the bad news first, and those who think there is just news, there is no good or bad. I fit into the second category, so that’s how I’ll proceed.

Bad news: Alice has seen more and drawn more, and Bella recognizes one of the rooms with the VCR is her mom’s house. Tracker James is coming to Renee’s house. He’s not trying to harm Bella. Well, he is, indirectly. He’s trying to hurt Bella by hurting the people that she’s closest to (except for Edward).

Good news: Edward is coming for Bella.

But Bella’s still worried about her mom. Jasper tries to put Bella to sleep, because that’s his thing, I guess, but she resists him, locks herself in a room, curls up into a ball and stares at a wall for three hours.

I think Bella could use this right now.

At 5:30 in the morning, they get a call. Edward’s getting on a plane and he’s headed to Phoenix to save Bella.

Then the phone rings again! This time it’s Bella’s mom! She sounds panicked! Alice hands Bella the phone, and as Bella tries to calm Renee down, something weird happens! One minute her mom is on the other line, and the next, it’s a man’s voice, calm and generic!

This can only mean one of two things. Either Renee turned into a man in a matter of seconds), or it’s Tracker James. One explanation makes a lot of sense, and the other involves Tracker James.

It’s Tracker James. He’s taken Renee hostage, and he says words like “Mom, stay where you are,” and “Mom, trust me,” and he makes Bella repeat after him so that no one els notices anything is wrong. He then directs Bella to go into a room and close the door so that Alice won’t know that anything’s wrong.

None of this would have happened in Renee had arrived when she was supposed to instead of arriving early. I will never be early for anything ever again.

Her mom is in danger and all Bella can think about is how she’ll never see Edward again. Seems pretty selfish to me. But you could argue that she’ll never see Edward again because she’s trying to save her mother. So she’s not selfish, I think.

Tracker James tells Bella to go to her mother’s house. There will be a phone number there that she must call to get further instructions.

While I’m reading this, one question comes to mind. Why does Edward have to fly? Can’t he just run really fast? That would save a lot of money. Then again, the Cullens don’t seem like the type of people who are short on cash. But it also seems like it would be faster, almost. It’s not like there’s tight security for people running across the country (not yet, at least. But just you wait. It’ll come some day). But if he runs, he runs the risk (puns!) of getting caught on camera by some guy using a really high shutter speed.

Like this creepy little man.

Bella’s struggling to keep it together. If Alice or Jasper notice anything wrong with her, it could mean the end of her mom. It’s a great thing that Edward’s not here, because he can read minds. Then again, he has trouble reading Bella’s mind. But they’re so deep in love that he’d probably be able to tell if something was wrong anyway.

As she starts to leave the room, she notices a piece of stationery and an envelope. How convenient. She tells Alice she’s writing a letter to her mother, but she’s actually penning a goodbye letter to Edward, telling him not to go after her, that she loves him and that she hopes he can forgive her.

That’s nice. But it’s all her fault that she’s in this situation, so I have no sympathy for her. If she had fallen in love with Jacob Black instead, she’d be able to live a more normal life.


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