Third Time’s the Harm: Twilight Chapter Three

What are you supposed to do when you think someone saved your life but when you confront them about it, they just deny it or even worse, refuse to answer you?

Chapter Three Highlights

There are few things better than waking up to find that the ground is covered in snow. Unless you’re Bella Swan, in which case, seeing snow makes you want to go back to bed for the next four months.

Regardless, Bella’s excited to go to school now, and not because she loves her classes or because the cafeteria food tastes like heaven or because she enjoys the drive to Forks High. No, she’s eager because she gets to see Edward Cullen again, which she herself says is, and please excuse her language, “very, very stupid.” After all, she feels that he feels some hostility toward her.

Meanwhile, she doesn’t know what to do with all the attention from Mike and Eric. When she lived in Phoenix, boys ignored her. “I wasn’t sure if I didn’t prefer being ignored,” she says, oblivious to the fact that someone has written an entire book focused around her life.

When she arrives at school, she discovers that Charlie has put snow chains on her tires. Surprised by this act of kindness, she fails to pay attention to her surroundings. She notices Edward standing four cars down from her. A split-second later, she sees an out-of-control van heading toward her, intending to crush her between itself and her truck.

I’d be upset if the book ended right here, with Bella’s corpse lying by her pick-up truck. Thankfully, it doesn’t. She finds herself on the ground, knocked down by something or Edward. It’s Edward. He’s kneeling beside her, and he stops the van from crushing them both.

How did Edward come to Bella’s aid so quickly? He was four cars away, wasn’t he? Apparently, according to Edward himself, he was right by her. We all know this isn’t true. Edward is a liar and can’t be trusted. But he just saved Bella’s life, so he can be trusted. Right? This is confusing.

Bella’s head is throbbing, but other than that, she’s fine. But she’s also very confused. She argues with Edward, asks him for the truth. He refuses and they both get mad at each other. Ambulances and Chief Swan, aka Charlie, aka Bella’s dad, arrive, plunging the girl into a pool of humiliation. She has to wear a neck brace! A neck brace, people! Can you imagine a worse punishment?

The van has an Edward-Cullen-shoulder-shaped dent in the side. Dents don’t often come in these shapes, and it tells us that Edward “had braced himself against the car with enough force to damage the metal frame.” Now why would he do this? He’s shown only a tiny bit of interest in Bella, so why did he save her life?

At the hospital, Bella meets Tyler, the driver of the van. He keeps apologizing to her, says he was going too fast and he “hit the ice wrong.” Likely story. He was probably trying to run her over because she hates snow so much. I don’t blame him.

Bella also meets Dr. Cullen, Edward’s father. Like his son, the doctor is a beautiful man. Dr. Cullen says Bella’s lucky to have survived the crash. Yes, very lucky, or maybe she was saved by a strong, mysterious young man.

Bella demands Edward tell her what really happened, that he really put his shoulder into the van and lifted it off of her. He gets mad and leaves without telling Bella what she wants to hear.

That night, she dreams of Edward.

Best Evidence of the Ever-changing Nature of Words

“He winced as one nurse started dabbing at his face” – Bella

Most Useless Use of the Word “Novelty”

“Perhaps it was because I was a novelty here, where novelties were few and far between” – Bella

A novelty is something that is new, original or unusual. It is uncommon, which is another way of saying “few and far between.” This is very unnecessary and redundant.

Most Hyperbolic Statement

“[Dr. Cullen] was handsomer than any movie star I’d ever seen” – Bella

I’m assuming that because this book is fictional, the world it is set in is fictional and therefore does not have people like Christian Bale, Taylor Lautner, Matthew McConaughey, and Benedict Cumberbatch. Because I doubt Dr. Cullen is handsomer than any of these men. But that’s just my opinion.

Bella Potential Boyfriend Power Rankings

  1. Edward – Here’s a note to all you single guys out there. If you save a girl’s life, you automatically catapult yourself to the top like Edward did here. But he’s on thin ice right now, since he refuses to tell Bella his side of the story.
  2. Mike – Oh, how the mighty fall. It wasn’t his fault, really. He wasn’t put in a situation where he could save Bella’s life. And if he had been, he probably would have died. But he could easily take back the top spot.
  3. Eric – ”Life just sucks when all you know is the bottom” – Beartooth, In Between. Eric should just look elsewhere, because Bella is clearly not interested. But there’s a lot of book left. He could move up.

What’s Next?

What will happen in Bella’s dream about Edward? Will he finally tell her the truth? Or will it be revealed that Bella has created this scenario in her mind in order to move Edward up in the rankings? Will Eric be knocked out of the love triangle? And what about Thirsty Mike? What happens to him? But most importantly, what does Bella dream about Edward?


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